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All of our programs emphasize interdisciplinary learning, global awareness and hands-on experience. No matter what you study, you will work closely with outstanding professors who will challenge you to stretch your boundaries academically and support you as you put your learning into action. We prepare our students to be multidimensional scholars and professionals who will achieve success in their terms. Our academic focus combines the liberal arts with professional studies, critical thinking with hands-on experience and personal development with community service.

Career Development Facility

The career development cell has been developed for the Diploma students as well as for engineering students.

The cell is looked after by the experienced faculty members and professionals. The Career Guidance booklets are prepared and published by the cell both in English & Hindi. This cell provides guidance to students about the various career options available in the field of education and corporate.

Counseling & Seminars

We conduct individual and group counseling and seminars to develop communication skill, competence and confidence in our students so that they can face the global challenges. Each faculty member is entrusted with a batch of 20 students. He acts as a friend, philosopher, and a guide for his students so that they come up with their doubts. The counselor also maintains the communication with the guardians to make them aware about the overall performance of the student.

Special Assistance for English Language & Personality Development

It has been observed that skills in spoken and written English are a prerequisite to technical education and placement. SDIT specially caters to this need by special programme on communication skills in which a two months course shall run for comprehending and speaking aspects. Similarly a Certificate will be offered for the soft skills and personality development. As a result even before the candidate is ready for placement, he is equipped with all the skills for a suitable adroit.